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Many Would Give Health Plans Private Info to Earn Rewards

The poll of more than 2,000 U.S. adults found that a majority would be “very willing” to have various tests and share the results with their health insurer — provided there was a financial incentive.

In the new survey, most people were open to various activities and data sharing in return for an incentive:

  • Three-quarters said they’d have a blood pressure check
  • 68 % would undergo blood sugar or cholesterol tests
  • 51% would have their lifestyle choices scrutinized
  • 51% would take part in a health plan-monitored regimen to lose weight or control diabetes
  • 49% would undergo genetic tests
  • 38% would follow a specific diet to help lower their blood pressure or cholesterol
  • 28% would attend a health class or keep an online diet and exercise diary

 “This survey shows that there is a substantial opportunity for health plans to test and monitor the health status and health risk behaviors of health plan members, but that they would have to be extremely careful to avoid a potentially explosive backlash,” said Harris Poll chairman Humphrey Taylor.

The poll, which surveyed 2,033 Americans online between Oct. 21 and 23, asked about hypothetical situations –what people “would” do if a health plan were to offer incentives for various tests.

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