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Health Reward Stat of the Day – April 21

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According to its eighth annual Health and Productivity Survey released in April 2014, which focused on health care challenges, wellness programs and program design, incentives, global wellness, and health and productivity, ƒ78% of organizations with a wellness program said that they used some sort of incentive to drive participation. Other key findings were: 68% have some type of wellness program, 61% identified employees’ health habits as the primary challenge in controlling health care costs, 54% are implementing a high deductible health plan in an effort to address rising health care costs, 64% provide employees with tools and resources to become better consumers, 53% said that their organization was effective at leveraging their health insurance carriers to drive health and productivity, 56% said that their organization was effective at leveraging their insurance broker or consultant to drive health and productivity, 44% use third-party wellness vendors, 49% of those with a wellness program reported a measurable improvement in either medical costs or health risks, 93% believe that healthier employees are more productive, yet very few are measuring the impact of productivity on employees’ absenteeism (22%), FMLA (19%) and presenteeism (7%) and 86% of organizations that have an international workforce believe that wellness opportunities should be introduced to their international working populations.

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