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Health Reward Stat of the Day – August 22

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Although one third of consumers who own wearable devices stop using them within six months, the rate of adoption of smart wearable technology has increased, according to a survey of 1,700 device owners from Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Endeavour Partners.

In the survey, Endeavour Partners only looked at wearable trackers worn persistently throughout the day and avoided wearable trackers that are designed for set workout sessions, including GPS and running watches, and heart rate straps. The researchers also avoided healthcare-specific wearables, for example cardiac event monitors, glucose monitors, and hearing aids.

The survey, which was conducted from May 2014 to June 2014, is a follow-up to a survey the research firm did in September 2013 of 500 wearable device owners. In the previous survey, the researchers found a third of consumers who own a wearable device stopped using it within six months.

Since then, the number of consumer who have stopped using their wearable device has not changed, but in the most recent six month period, three times as many US consumers said they have obtained a wearable device compared to the previous six month period. While in the last six months, 1,024 consumers obtained wearable devices, in the six months before that, only 322 did.

In another survey of 502 wearable device owners from Endeavour, researchers found that the greatest number of respondents, 29 percent, received the activity tracker as a gift. Following that, 28 percent purchased their tracker in a physical store, 26 percent purchased it through an online retailer, 14 percent purchased it from an online manufacturer, and 6 percent received theirs from an employer.

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