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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 27

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According to a new study from AON Hewitt entitled “Inside the Employee Mindset, Key Findings on What Differentiates, What Rewards, and What Communicates” released in February 2015, when compared to perceptions of rewards at other companies, employees generally view their total rewards as being about the same as others’. Among the total rewards employees feel fall short are bonus, base pay,work/life balance programs, and career development/training. This data shows a relationship between employee understanding and perceptions of competitiveness—many of the least understood programs (career development/training, work/life balance, and bonus) are also viewed as the least competitive. Consumers were asked “compared to what I think other employers are offering, this reward is well above or above other employers’

  • Total rewards overall – 40%
  • Vacation and holidays – 42%
  • Pension plan – 41%
  • Medical coverage/insurance – 38%
  • Base pay – 37%
  • Company match and/or basic contributions to 401(k) type savings plans  – 37%
  • Bonus (incentives and commissions)  – 36%
  • Work/life balance programs  – 36%
  • Career development/training programs  – 34%
  • Dental coverage/insurance – 33%
  • Life and disability insurance – 30%

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