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Health Reward Stat of the Day – April 16

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A survey of over 1,000 Americans to figure out how people use travel rewards cards, and what they do with those rewards after earning them, conducted by Princeton Survey Research, which interviewed 1,003 American adults earlier this month, found:

  • 67% of respondents said they do not have a credit card that offers travel rewards points or airline miles, and only 10% said they have more than one. If you have even a single travel rewards card, you’re already in a 2-to-1 minority.
  • A whopping 79% of travel credit cardholders said they have never transferred credit card rewards points to an airline or hotel loyalty program. (So, even among people who are earning travel rewards, most don’t know how to use them.)
  • One-third of credit cardholders don’t know if their card charges foreign transaction fees.
  • 72% of respondents said they never check to see if credit card companies are offering new or better sign-up bonuses.

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