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Health Reward Stat of the Day – April 30

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According to the Sixth Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study conducted by the Optum Resource Center for Health & Well-being:

  • The most prevalent (used by at least 79%) incentive-eligible wellness programs feature health biometric screenings, health or fitness challenges, health risk assessments and tobacco cessation.
  • Between half and two-thirds of employers also provide employee incentives for utilization of wellness coaching, a health & wellness website, health advocacy service, disease management programs, onsite fitness and medical centers, and healthy pregnancy programs.
  • Although employee physical health is the dominant (96%) focus of surveyed wellness programs, nearly two-thirds (64%) also target on behavioral/mental health.
  • About one-third of employers also target financial (35%) and social health (31%).

Optum’s study, based on responses of 545 employers that offer wellness programs of one kind or another. Most (60%) employers participating in the survey have at least 3,000 employees; 20% have between 100 and 2,999; and 20% have fewer than 100.

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