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Health Reward Stat of the Day – June 23

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More than 70 percent of Walgreens Balance Rewards members participating in the healthy choices program with a connected device were still active in the program a year later, according to Walgreens. The retail pharmacy released data from a series of studies the company conducted in 2014, showing that their rewards program increased adherence to hypertension and diabetes medications.

  • One study analyzed 4,943 Walgreens Balance Rewards healthy choice members who logged activity, body weight, and blood pressure within six months of enrollment, but also filled at least one antihypertensive medication in 2014. The study found that participants who tracked blood pressure levels were 2.6 percent more adherent to their medication than those who did not. And participants’ adherence was 2.4 percent higher if they logged more than 1 mile per day than if they logged less.
  • Walgreens also studied 1,855 members who tracked their activity as well as certain biometrics, including body weight and blood glucose, within six months of enrolling. These members must have also filled at least one oral diabetes medication in 2014. The study found that the participants who tracked blood glucose levels were 5.4 percent more adherent to their medication than those who did not. The study also found that the adherence rate of participants who logged more than one mile per day was 7.9 percent higher than those who logged less.
  • Another study, which looked at data from 100,069 members over an 180-day period in 2014, found that 45.8 percent of members tracked activity and 6.2 percent of members logged their weight. Participants lost an average of 3.3 pounds, though 27.2 percent of members lost more than six pounds and 16.5 percent of members lost more than 1o pounds. This study also found that members who tracked at least one mile a day lost an average of 3.7 pounds.

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