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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Sept 24

According to a three-year study by Cigna year study of 200,000 customers, incentive programs – such as consumer premium discounts, or health spending account funds — play a key role as the impetus for individuals to participate in a biometric screening, to engage in healthier behaviors, and improve their clinical outcomes and costs. According to the Cigna study:

  • Incentives more than doubled biometric screening rates from 20 percent to 55 percent in 2014
  • Incentives increase the probability of engaging in a coaching program by 24% and in particular by 30% for populations who have chronic conditions
  • Incentives significantly increase the probably of setting and meeting goals with a health coach, by 18% and 43% respectively
  • Incentives increased the probability of meeting biometric targets:
    • BMI less than 30 – an improvement of nearly 36 percent
    • Total cholesterol less than 240 – an improvement of nearly 11 percent
    • Blood pressure less than 140/90 – an improvement of more than 47 percent
  • Incentives reduced total medical costs by approximately 10% for those 50+ years of age or with chronic conditions

“Employers are increasingly rewarding employees who identify and address their potential health risks, by discounting the employee’s health plan premiums or adding funds to their health spending account to lower their annual out-of-pocket expenses,” said Picerno. “In 2014 Cigna distributed more than $80 million in rewards to Cigna group health plan customers who completed 1.6 million health goals. In the first eight months of 2015, Cigna customers have earned $93,814,080 in awards through their employer incentive programs.*”

* Cigna internal data, Do Incentives drive engagement, health and financial outcomes? September 1, 2015

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