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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Nov 4

money and steth pic

Walmart looks to take the one-stop-shopping concept to the next level by placing “health assessment” kiosks in its myriad chain of super-department stores. Patrons will not only be able to get their blood pressure checked but they can get biometric measurements of their weight, BMI and pulse. An on-screen questionnaire will cover every aspect of overall wellness in order to provide a holistic health profile of the individual, along with simple, personalized health advice.

Health plans participating in the program can offer a call to action to their members in the form of a tailored rewards card, which will be activated at the Pursuant Health kiosk on completion of the health questionnaire and biometric assessment. Once completed, the card will immediately be funded with reward dollars that can be spent in-store on healthy items. The reward and the items can be restricted by the employer and health plan to the individual product or SKU (stock keeping unit).

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