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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Jan 5

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Survey results also showed that while co-pay discount programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies are important in promoting adherence, rewards programs rank equally in the minds of physicians.

“In ranking the importance of medication adherence to outcomes on a scale from one to ten, with ten being ‘extremely important,’ 96 percent of respondents put it at an eight or above,” says Katrina Firlik, MD, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of HealthPrize. Dr. Firlik’s full white paper report on the survey can be found here:

Survey respondents were also asked about various interventions designed to improve adherence rates and improve clinical outcomes. While education ranked low on the list, the two solutions ranked highest were rewards (40%) and co-pay discounts (39%). Furthermore, a combined 72% of physicians responded that they would, or might, be more likely to prescribe a medication brand that offered an innovative adherence service over others in the same class, assuming similar cost and side effect profile.

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