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Health Reward Stat of the Day – April 6

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Humana Inc. has released a three-year impact study of that program, Humana Vitality, that followed about 8,000 employees since the program launched in 2011. Based on the study, those employees had:

  • Lower health insurance claims costs. For the employees who actively engaged in the program, claims costs dropped a full 10 percent by year three of the study. That’s compared with employees who didn’t actively engage in the program, who had a 17-percent increase by year three.
  • More use of preventive care. Employees who engaged in the program and who didn’t have pre-existing chronic health conditions were more likely to use preventive care services, such as screenings and routine physicals.
  • Fewer emergency room visits. Employees who didn’t actively engage in the program made 56 percent more trips to the emergency room and 37 percent more trips to the hospital, compared with engaged employees.
  • Fewer sick hours at work. Engaged members took an average six fewer hours of unscheduled leave from work per year than unengaged members, who took an average of 23 hours.

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