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Each day rewards for healthy behaviors is helping America get healthy:

Consumer 84% of women offered a $50 gift card by their health plan got a mammogram. Many women who responded said their lives had been saved because they went in and got these tests. They said, ‘This is what a health plan ought to be doing.’
Health Plan Network Health Plan saves $400 to $500 in claims per individual. …
Employer One of the nation’s largest insurers saved $107 million in medical costs over three years by using incentives to persuade its employees to lose weight, make healthier lifestyle choices and get checkups. “I think we are seeing greater and greater interest in aligning interests in health care, to offer consumers incentives to actually do what it is that will improve their health,” their senior vice president for clinical advancement, said in a telephone interview.
Providers A Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan rewarded providers with incentives for reaching targeted HEDIS rates for childhood immunization and breast screening rates.  If 70 percent of the children are immunized, physicians receive an extra $56 per child and $98 or $140 per child if rates reach 80 and 90 percent respectively. Immunization and the breast cancer rates have increased significantly.
Medicaid A federally funded program will see whether paying people in New York to go to the doctor and take medication will ultimately save money and promote healthy living. About 16,700 study participants statewide who are smokers, pre-diabetic, diabetic or have high blood pressure will receive debit-card payments of up to $250 each to work toward getting healthier.