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America is facing a healthcare crisis. The burden on Americans from their healthcare costs is overwhelming. But it’s not just Americans that face this daunting burden – its America. America can’t afford healthcare. As of 2015, we will have national debt that is 143% of what our economy produces. In 2015, the unfunded liabilities of the United States will be 144 trillion, of which $99 trillion comes from Medicare. What most people don’t know is that the city of Detroit filed bankruptcy largely due to their healthcare costs. It is only a matter of time before these costs catch up to us and threaten our financial viability as a nation.

Americans can’t afford healthcare as costs have become unbearable. Consider these statistics:

  • 1.7M American households will declare bankruptcy due to their medical bills
  • Medical costs are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy
  • Of the bankruptcies in the U.S., over 60 percent were due in some way to medical costs
  • 56M Americans under age 65 will have trouble paying medical bills
  • 35M adults (ages 19-64) will be contacted by collection agencies for unpaid medical bills
  • 17M adults will receive a lower credit rating due to medical bills
  • 15M adults will use all their savings to pay medical bills
  • 11M adults will take on credit card debt to pay off their hospital bills
  • 10M adults won’t be able to pay for necessities (rent/food/heat) due to medical bills
  • Over 16M children live in households struggling with medical bills
  • Despite having insurance, 10M Americans ages 19-64 will face bills they are unable to pay
  • Over 25M adults will not take their prescription drugs as indicated to save money

Scary isn’t it?

Many question whether ObamaCare will protect Americans from problems with medical bills. Unfortunately, even with coverage, 10 million Americans will face bills they are unable to pay in 2013. The bottom line is that neither Americans nor American can afford healthcare.

Is there a solution to such a complex problem? There is – financial incentives. Rewarding consumers for healthy behavior. A national program in which consumers could “be healthy and be rewarded” would fix the healthcare system. The Be Healthy. Be Rewarded™ movement can reshape the future of the American household and the American economic landscape. Be Healthy. Be Rewarded™.