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Be Healthy. Be Rewarded™ is a movement that seeks to fix our healthcare system by rewarding individuals for healthy behaviors that save the system money. It is based on a simple premise:

“if the medical profession knows what we want each individual to do, and the savings it generates, couldn’t we simply reward people for doing these things?” Wouldn’t this solution pay for itself? If we applied this to all kinds of conditions, couldn’t we fix the healthcare system?”

Incentives possess a unique opportunity because it is one of the few solutions to healthcare in which everyone wins. Here’s how:

  • Consumers win…by earning financial incentives for being healthy that improve their health and offset the growing cost of healthcare.
  • Health plans win…by reducing the cost of the individuals they insure.
  • Employers win…by reducing the cost and improving the productivity of their workforce.
  • Providers win…by earning rewards for managing patients better and reducing their risk under the shift from fee-for-service to fee-for-value models.
  • Politicians win…Democrats win by enabling individuals to earn a valuable entitlement as the result of a government program. Republicans win by creating personal accountability and rewards for individuals who perform better.
  • Governments, Medicare and Medicaid win…by reducing high cost medical care through greater prevention and lifestyle management.

When financial incentives are aligned to the behaviors that improve health or optimize utilization of health resources, everyone in the healthcare community wins. ObamaCare now allows companies to spend 30 to 50 percent of annual insurance premiums on rewards to encourage healhy behavior – a provision that both Democrats and Republicans support.  This acknowledges the role that rewards can play to fix our system. It is the perfect time to create the movement we call Be Healthy and Be Rewarded.