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Category Archives: National Policy

Pizza tastes better than salad: why we need health rewards

When I started IncentOne’s health business in 2003, it’s because I came across a startling fact – that less than 20 percent of women followed their pre-natal care. That blew me away. We were not talking about diabetes or heart disease in ten years. We were talking about a child in a few months. When […]

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Many Would Give Health Plans Private Info to Earn Rewards

The poll of more than 2,000 U.S. adults found that a majority would be “very willing” to have various tests and share the results with their health insurer — provided there was a financial incentive.
In the new survey, most people were open to various activities and data sharing in return for an incentive:

Three-quarters said they’d […]

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Republicans and Democrats May Agree On One Thing in Healthcare

It would be nice if Republicans and Democrats could agree on something in healthcare. We’ve grown tired of the lack of progress and lack of solutions that come out of Washington. Fortunately, there is one thing – incentives and rewards for healthier behavior.  For all the debate over ObamaCare, the one provision supported by both […]

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It’s time for a national rewards policy

The time is ripe. Rewards and incentives are everywhere but we lack a coordinated approach:

Under the Stimulus package, $19B in provider incentives were created for the use of electronic health tools.
Under ObamaCare, companies can spend 30 percent (and in the case of smoking cessation) 50 percent of annual premiums on rewards for healthy behavior.  It […]

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