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Category Archives: Reward Trends

Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 26

Alberta Blue Cross to reward wellness
Alberta Blue Cross has launched a program that promotes wellness by rewarding its customers for living healthy lives. It allows Alberta Blue Cross plan members to complete health risk assessments and learning modules that deal with health issues such as high blood pressure, alcohol consumption, diet, and mental health. As they […]

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 25

App makers, retailers offer incentives for reaching health goals
Nexercise, Pact and AchieveMint are a few of the dozens of mobile apps meant to reward those who accomplish their fitness goals with cash, gift cards, coupons and more.
Retailers like Walgreens, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sears are also getting in on the action. Each store offers an […]

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 24

Warren County uses billboards, cash reward to fight heroin epidemic
A new billboard offers cold, hard cash in the name of catching heroin traffickers.
The billboard along State Route 48 encourages tips and text messages to combat the still-growing epidemic.

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 16

Lawmakers, health dept. look for ways to cut Medicaid without eliminating services
On Wednesday, the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), and Sen. Pete Kelly discussed bills to trim Medicaid costs statewide and take advantage of federal reimbursement.
Gov. Bill Walker’s Medicaid reform bill — Senate Bill 78 — and Kelly’s Senate Bill 74, both emphasize […]

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 9

No more reward points for B.C. pharmacy customers, courts rule

BC Court of Appeal overturned a previous ruling that allowed pharmacists to issue loyalty points for customers. The College of Pharmacists of BC had long been fighting to prevent companies like Sobeys, which owns Canada Safeway, and Shoppers Drug Mart from issuing loyalty points for pharmacy purchases. […]

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 8


Discovery Health has decided to pay doctors more for having healthier diabetic patients whose condition is managed so that they do not develop complications that need treatment in hospital.

Discovery Health CEO Jonathan Broomberg said: “Discovery Health is reimbursing some doctors based […]

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 4

RedBrick Health Announces Results of National Employer Survey on Health EngagementOverall, the 2015 National Employer Survey on Health Engagement found that employers are offering more program elements and setting higher expectations around what engagement means. Several findings from this research are highlighted below:

Program goals have grown up since 2010. A higher proportion of respondents in […]

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Feb 3

Ford launches health app challenge for wellness on the road
Ford Motor Co. and Henry Ford Health System have launched the Connected Health App Challenge that will reward employees who develop smartphone apps, wearable devices or in-vehicle systems to extend healthcare to the confines of a car. The ideal designs will increase communication between patients and providers […]

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Jan 14

The Philippines Department of Health (DOH) is studying the possibility of giving incentives to local government units (LGUs) that record no revelry-related injuries in welcoming the New Year, to encourage them to step up their campaigns against firecrackers.
To push local government units to scale up the campaign against the sale and use of firecrackers, Garin said […]

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Health Reward Stat of the Day – Jan 13

Health workers in impoverished, mountainous provinces in northern Viet Nam have been earning higher salaries from an experimental pay-for-performance model that aims to enhance the performance of community health centres (CHCs) and well-being of area residents.
The model, called performance-based financing (PBF), creates incentives for health workers in order to enhance the productivity, scope and quality […]

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